Monthly Free Gift Changes Coming Soon!

Hi there! I will be updating my Monthly Free Gift Program terms and conditions and they will be effective September 1, 2020. Here are some exciting changes to look forward to:

  • Customers who spend $50 before shipping & tax *and use my monthly host code* will earn the Monthly Free Gift AND 1 Campfire Badge!
  • Only 1 Monthly Free Gift per customer per month.
  • Monthly Free Gift cannot be earned on the free shopping spree.
This is exciting because the minimum purchase amount has been lowered, it was a minimum of $75 before shipping & tax. I made these changes because I wanted it to be easier for you, my loyal customers, to stack your savings! Now you can earn more at a lower price point and SAVE! 

Stay tuned for all the details – the complete details will be in my September Host Code and Free Monthly Gift blog post that comes out on September 1st.

Happy Stamping!
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