Stampin’ Ink Pad Color Organization in Rainbow Order

Today I have an organization tip for your Stampin’ Up! Classic Stampin’ Pads. A lot of people struggle with how to organize their ink pads. Should you group them by color family such as Subtles, Regals, etc.? Or should you organize them in rainbow order. I personally like the rainbow order better and to be honest, I don’t think I’ll really remember which color family each pad is in. To me, the rainbow order is more pleasing to the eye. You can see in the photo above how I have my Stamp-n-Storage Ink Pad Holder for Ikea organized in rainbow order. Looks good right?!

If you look at the color chart below, I have them organized to fit in a Stamp-n-Storage Ink Pad Holder for Ikea. The Stamp-n-Storage Stampin’ Ink Pad Holder for Ikea fits 45 ink pads. It has 3 columns, so that’s why I have arranged the colors in this 3 column order. It will show you exactly how they should look in your Stamp-n-Storage Stampin’ Ink Pad Holder.

This leaves a section for a group of the current In Colors. You could put it to the side like I have or you can insert them as you see fit. I hope this arrangement helps you, I know it helps me out quite a bit. I’m a very type-A personality and love lists and organization.

You can see the video below for more details on this great Stampin’ Ink Pad Holder by Stamp-n-Storage.

Would You Like to Purchase This? If you like this tip and would like to purchase the Stamp-n-Storage Stampin’ Ink Pad Holder, I would appreciate it if you would buy them through me. You can click the image below or click on the affiliate link on my website. I get a small commission from your purchase and I really appreciate your business! I would not endorse these products if I didn’t love and use them myself. Thank you!

Happy Stamping!

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